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Membership: Membership in the WJPN is open to all jazz presenters in the Western United States and Western Canada.

Dues: If you are non-profit under IRS Section 501(c)3 and your annual artist fee budget is less than:

  • $30,000 . dues: $75
  • $31,000 -$75,000 . dues: $125
  • $76,000 - $150,000 . dues: $175
  • $151,000 and above . dues: $225
  • If you are "for-profit" dues are $125 for Affiliate member dues (gives you all the benefits of membership in the WJPN except you cannot vote and aren't eligible for tour support.)

    Please make the check payable to Western Jazz Presenters Network. Our tax ID number is 86-0903114.


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    Annual jazz artist fees: $________ 
    Average jazz artist fee: $________
    Total annual artist fees (if you present other than jazz): $________  
    Annual attendance: _____________
    Check here if your organization is non-profit:___________
    Checks payable to:
    Western Jazz Presenters Network
    PO Box 3162
    La Jolla, CA 92038-3162

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